Mercado Racing / Coches de competicion

  • Radical sr4

    Radical sr4 / Coches competicion

    Radical Sr4 1340 hayabusa - passaporto elettronico csai - equipaggiamento valido 12/2024 - carter a secco RPE - elettronica Efi 4 Rg Car Tronik - strumentazione Aim con telemetria - cambio a vo...
  • Autolife Hellcat LR

    Autolife Hellcat LR / Coches de rally

    Because of the war in Ukraine, we are selling a vehicle of our production. Description of Autolife Hellcat LR Produce and ready for FIA World Rally-Raid Championship and Cross-Country Rallies an...
  • BMW E36

    BMW E36 / Coches competicion

    Sehr schön auf einer Rohkarosse aufgebauter Tourenwagen Angelehnt an die STW Generation von BMW Das Fahrzeug ist in einem Top Zustand ohne Wartungsstau! Der M3 S50 Motor wird zusätzlich von einem ...
  • Volkswagen Golf

    Volkswagen Golf / Coches competicion

    A fully prepared car for rally races is for sale! engine 2000cc 185hp 200nm gearbox grN shock absorbers kw1 brakes 286mm 5x100
  • RALLYRAID Can Am Maverick

    RALLYRAID Can Am Maverick / Coches de rally

    CAN-AM Maverick categoría SSV, Actual CAMPEON DE ESPAÑA en VENTA. Se vende por cambio de proyecto, vehículo totalmente fiable y puesto al día de todo, para subir y competir ya! . CARACTERISTI...
  • Alfa Romeo 33 Trofeo

    Alfa Romeo 33 Trofeo / Coches competicion

    Vendo due Alfa Romeo 33 Trofeo 1.3 pronte gara con tutta l'attrezzatura di sicurezza in corso di omologazione. Passaporti tecnici elettronici ACI Sport in regola - Trofeo Turismo. Meccanica perfetta e...
  • Honda Civic

    Honda Civic / Coches competicion

    I’m selling my circuit spec Honda Civic Type R EP3 Year 2002, car weight about 1150 kg. Engine: Low milage (~45k) modified K20A2 engine with 246HP/228NM (mapped by Intake man...
  • Mitshubishi

    Mitshubishi / Coches de rally

    The Engine is built and medicated by GEP (Gelashvili Performance) Internals are to suite Rally Group A standard The Car is built by Fausto Racing Club to suite Rally Group A Standards. The Engine ...
  • Lada 2101

    Lada 2101 / Coches de rally

    Schöner historischer Lada 2101 Bj 1978 mit FIA-Wagenpass Klasse CT33 gültig bis 31.12.2030. Professionell aufgebaut für die East African Safari Classic 2021 in Kenia, die wegen Covid aber abgesagt war...
  • Toyota Hilux

    Toyota Hilux / Coches competicion

    SE VENDE Toyota Hilux de Competición 3.000cc turbo diesel. Pasaporte FIA. Categorías T1 y T1-N Muy bien preparada por JMP RACING con los mejores componentes de competición. Todo homolo...
  • BMW M3

    BMW M3 / Coches competicion

    Original BMW E30 M3 for sale. Engine: 2500ccm M Power, redline 8200 rpm, camshafts DBilas Dynamic 326, new sprockets and chain, 4 separate ignition coils, 50 mm. throttle bodies, carbon air box wit...
  • Ford Fiesta

    Ford Fiesta / Coches de rally

    Engine: Subaru WRX STI 2.0 Turbo: GTX 3076 Injectors: 1000 cc Engine fully forged Gear box: X-shift ( sequential 6 gears+ R) 1000nm Shoks: hks Brakes: big brembo Pads: CL ( carbone Lorraine...